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Unique Business Opportunity

Each month we receive hundreds of requests for product details and demonstrations, so we need more dealers in many areas. This business opportunity is unique; the product is in high demand, and the product far superior to any other hovercraft, in terms of durability, ease of use, safety and performance.

Choose your investment level.

Start with one craft as a Promoter, then as you purchase and sell more craft, so your dealer status and discount levels improve. Move from Promoter, thru Reseller to full Dealer level.

You will not need to purchase expensive showrooms, or need to pay for massive overheads, your only outlay is the cost of Hovercraft which have a higher resale value than your initial outlay, making this business opportunity unique for investors looking for a low cost start up situation.

Can't afford a demo craft?

No problem, you can even start at affiliate level to help promote the Hov Pod to friends or through the Internet, full support and training provided. Many of our affiliates move to dealer status, the affiliate opportunity is a great secure way to test your business plan, and sooner or later, you'll want to make more commission selling directly to customers in your area. A natural progression with minimal outlay.

Who Buys the Hov Pod?

In the right location, hovercraft are cash generators for rental operators, so dealers supply or franchise a number of units to sub dealers operating in resorts or supplying Hov Pods to corporate event organisers. Hovercraft are also supplied to Rescue Organisations for flood, mud, ice, sand rescue situations. We sell to coast guard, homeland security, police, fire and rescue departments for patrol purposes. As a dealer you will receive sales leads we pass to you, generated by interest through the Internet and our affiliates.


Every new dealer we assign generates new interest, so this opportunity is growing, and so our company grows from strength to strength. Some areas are now assigned, timing is everything, and so we hope that you can take advantage of this opportunity while dealer areas still exist.

About the Company and market

Hov Pod now lead the market, and are recognised as the premier manufacturer of small hovercraft, suitable
for leisure, commercial, military, rescue applications.

Hovercraft have really caught on in recent years due to new improved technology. Hovercraft have wide appeal, the experience thrills everyone. Try imagine the freedom of levitation, air cushion comfort, water to land transitions, 180's, 360's, 720's. Driving or flying a Hov Pod is incredibly comfortable compared to Jet Skis and RIBs that crash into each wave, fly the Hov Pod over any flat surface, even at low tide when boat and Jet Skiers all pack up and go home. Levitate over water, river, lake, sea, grass, sand, mud, ice, snow, tarmac, concrete.

In 2008 we introduced new tooling methods to manufacture the Hov Pod SPX range from HDPE. This process allows faster production, to keep up with the growing demand for small hovercraft. This ability enables us an unfair advantage over hobbyist manufacturers who knock out a few glass fibre hulls each month.

Hov Pods are designed by computer with parts manufactured by robots, to ensure incredible accuracy, less vibration and wear, less requirement for maintenance and repair.